Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Integrated Management System Policy

Our company is an organization that closely follows technology, takes into account the principles and requirements of quality, environment, occupational health and safety in all its processes, is constantly developing, has a young and dynamic structure, reacts quickly, focuses on effective partner relations, and creates added value in the sector. Our management undertakes to all its partners that it will show all necessary support and effort for the complete implementation of the following policies;

  • To take place as a reliable and internationally competitive, leading organization in the sector.
  • To continuously follow the latest technology in order to achieve the highest efficiency in our production facilities, to offer appropriate and economical products, to monitor the results and to provide optimum benefit to the country's economy by ensuring the continuity of investments.
  • To ensure the effectiveness and continuous improvement of our quality, environment and OHS management system, to always comply with the standards stipulated by the organizations of which we are a member, as well as all legal requirements related to our line of business, customer conditions, quality, environment and OHS management system requirements, as well as the occupational health and safety and environmental legislation.
  • To protect the environment we work in, to use all our resources in the most efficient way.
  • To minimize the amount of waste arising from the processes of our organization and thus to fulfill all our duties in order to prevent environmental pollution.
  • To spread the awareness of quality, environment and OHS to all employee, to increase their knowledge and skills with trainings, to adopt the principle of teamwork and thus to contribute to continuous development activities.
  • To develop the awareness of the Integrated Management System with continuous trainings of all employees, to increase their self-sacrifice by adopting the company and to see their happiness by raising their living standards.

Every glass manufacturer has different demands and expectations. NEDEX can adress many masses by courtesy of its effective variety. NEDEX tries to keep its relationships with its customers in long term.