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Aluminium Spacer

Aluminium spacers are the first types of spacers manufactured by NEDEX. In order to meet the requirements of various markets, aluminium spacers are produced in many dimensions for insulating glass.

Aluminium spacers are made for cut & plug applications, with plastic corner connectors and for machine bending with metallic straight connectors. The thickness of the aluminium materials varies from 0,18 mm for lower thermal conductivity and cost efficiency to 0,35 mm for bendability and strength.There are different sizes of aluminium spacers with a nominal width of 6 mm and 24 mm. The standard lengths of the aluminium spacers are 3 m, 5 m and 6 m. Other lengths are optional on request. Name, date and imprint are available. In addition, if required, NEDEX can produce colored spacers in many colors using powder coating technology. A minimum of oil is required for chemicals to adhere better to aluminium spacers.

The production of spacers is fone with the latest roll forming and high frequency induction welding equipment for continuous production. Optionally, pre-butylized spacers for insulating glass can be produced, whereby the applied butyl layer is with a siliconized paper strip. The butyl application takes place fully automatically with hig-precision machines at a speed of 80-120 m/min. This minimizes errors in the case of incorrect butyl application in small insulating glass manufacuring companies. Since 2010 NEDEX has been producing aluminium spacers on 13 lines in Turkey and Ukraine with very experienced staff.

The tightness of weld seams and the functionally of the perforation holes are under constant control along the production lines. The end products are solvent free and volatile tests are carried out in the laboratory testt continiously.

NEDEX Aluminium spacers are certified  and meet all conditions for the production of insulating glass according to EN1279:2018.


  • 3-6 meters carton boxes (in stillages optionally) 


  • ISO: ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001
  • EN: EN 1279-2:2018 / EN 1279-3:2018 / EN 1279-4:2018
  • Other: EcoVadis

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