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Every glass manufacturer has different demands and expectations. NEDEX can adress many masses by courtesy of its effective variety. NEDEX tries to keep its relationships with its customers in long term.


Why Nedex Group?


NEDEX is producing just for IG sector. NEDEX knows the need and expectations of this sector very well.

The production capacities of IG producers show big variations throughout the year NEDEX can guarantee an uninterrupted delivery with its big production capacities and flexibility.

NEDEX can store in its 7 production plants between Germany and China enough ready product and can deliver from the shortest dintance at best conditions an in the shortest time even the peak demands.

NEDEX research and develeopement departments prepares the group for the demands of the next 3-4 years and experience can be collected in pilot production plants over long time periods.

NEDEX dealer network between Canada and Dubai, Chile and Korea covers geographically nearly 80% of the world market and collects informations about the needs of the IG industry. Products are designed and produced according to the specific demands of each market.

NEDEX dealers and sales offices spread over 54 countries working with persons with the best knowledge of the IG market give the best services, combined with high quality product at best possible conditions.

NEDEX products and production plants are tested and certified by world leading test organisations like IfT Rosenheim-Germany, TÜV-Holland, Cekal-France etc.

The raw material suppliers of NEDEX are world leaders in their areas. Only raw materials with highest quality standarts are used by production.


Why NEDEX Commercially?


NEDEX has today many production facilities and warehouses in different markets, like European Custom Union and CIS markets. So most of IG producers do not pay any custom taxes by taking product from the right site.

These locations ensure lower transport expenses and shorter transport times, NEDEX customers can work with lower stock levels.

NEDEX products are certified according EN, GOST, and this allows its customers easy importation; production with quality signs, like CE sign.

NEDEX has for molecular sieve production in two locations 10 independent production lines. therefore NEDEX can produce at the same time 10 different formulations parallelly.

Today NEDEX is producing molecular sieves and sealants under 41 different labels for its customers in different packages, sizes and characteristics.

NEDEX defined as minimum critical stock levels for molecular sieves 600 tons for Turkey and 400 tons for Ukraine. The fluctuations of demands between winter months and summer months reaching up to 4 times can be compensated only with such stock capacity.

NEDEX offers logistics, on site storage, delayed payment terms according to customer needs. NEDEX Logistic department finds the lowest prices and costs for DDU/CIF deliveries. With its transport volume of 110,000 tons/year NEDEX can get better rates for transportation. NEDEX can help its customers to cover their peak demands with a material storage by customer on NEDEX costs. Only used products will be paid and NEDEX follows the storage level by customer by its sales department continiously.

Having the big production capacities and followed with a high level of automatisation NEDEX guarantees the best prices for the needed product.

Finally, NEDEX with its nominated dealers, partners in Europe, CIS, Middle East, Far East and America guarantee the best service and cosultancy to IG producers. NEDEX supports technical trainings of IG producers and dealers, NEDEX and its partners keep the IG producers always well informed about the technical and administrative developments.

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