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NEDEX Seminar - Krasnodar


NEDEX will organize a seminar in Krasnodar (Russia) on 19.07.2018.


Working title: «NEDEX innovative technologies in the sphere of manufacturing of double-glazed»

Date of event: 19.07.2018

Place of event: Krasnodar - Russia


Event program:

- Opening remarks

- Block "history, market, statistics"

- Part 1 PS experiences that require waiting time

- Molecular sieve unit (MS). Experiments in the field

- Experiences PS part 1

   Coffee break 20 minutes

- Block "sealant single-component Butyl"

- Block "sealant polysulfide two-component PS". Experiments part 2.

- Warm frame unit

- Problems in IG units - glass breakage - storage - preparation - production

- Other IG components - Silicone, PU, Hotmelt

- GOST Standards

  Buffet for customers, informal communication

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